Creating Your Own Web Hosting

These days, internet has been an essential part in many people’s lives that most people need to keep in touch with it every single day. In fact, nowadays internet has become a part of people’s lifestyle that cannot be separated from them. Almost everyday people use the internet. The reasons for it are varied, ranging from browsing for information and searching for entertainments such as movies, videos and music, to promoting business online and keeping in touch with far away families, relatives and friends. Whether we realize it or not, the internet has been a major part in our lives that give a lot of benefits almost in every aspect of our lives.

However, do we ever wonder how internet is actually working? In case you do not know, internet is working only when the websites we want to visit are served by the web hosts. Web host is a general service that hosts and serves websites to internet users. Those web hosts are normally ran by companies, which are known as web hosting providers. There are many of those on the internet, ranging from cheap web hosting to expensive ones.

Those web hosting manage out the service from their data center facilities to all customers around the world based on their requests (for instance, for personal or for business). The best web hosting has at least four important elements, which are server hardware, web server, operating system and its hosting provider.

If you want to make your own website, you need to understand the web hosting guide first. It is actually not a difficult thing to do. For instance, you need to purchase the second level domain name for your website (for instance,—the ‘www’ does not count. After you purchase it, the domain name will be registered and become yours as long as you pay the yearly fee to the registrar. By doing so, you have all the rights to run the website by yourself.

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